Rubik Marvin

The Rubik Marvin platform securely ingests, processes, explores and distributes enterprise data. Rubik Marvin serves as a single and unified enterprise data platform that will make sense of your disparate data sets by preparing and presenting them in formats that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives. This allows everyone within your enterprise to deploy data-driven decision making.

The 30,000-
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Bring data into the platform

Enterprises have an abundance of data across various systems. Each organization has its own evolutionary path along the data journey. Rubik Marvin evolves along with your enterprise. It is an all-in-one data platform that understands a variety of data formats, generates databases and systems at various cadences, and links disparate datasets in ways that allow for efficient discovery of insights regardless of the user’s skill set.


Humanize the data

As data starts flowing in from various sources, Rubik Marvin tags every individual attribute that enters the platform, e.g, the source of the data, security levels, retention policies, etc. Tagging supports all variations of business logic that dictate how data is processed, stored, and delivered.

Understanding the context of data is the key to unlocking its true potential. To do this,Rubik Marvin converts all the housed data into logical data models. Creating multiple dataset tiers allows everyone in the organization to explore data and focus on the data’s potential value.


Simple data exploration

Contextualizing and formatting data is only one half of the equation. Reducing the complexity and latency between data and the end user is the other half of the equation that delivers on the promise of transforming organizations by democratizing data. Rubik Marvin simplifies data exploration without sacrificing the depth of insight that can be accomplished.


Deploy across the enterprise

By providing flexible and scalable interfaces for individual users as well as applications across the enterprise, Rubik Marvin provides a simple and efficient path for data integration. As a result, enterprises can swiftly determine the data’s value and become a proactive rather than a reactive organization.