The value of data 


Why Rubik?

We believe data access in organizations should be as ubiquitous as using email.

Enterprises are awash with data, but enterprise-wide data access has been stifled to a crippling extent.

When we look at the current data ecosystem, we see a proliferation and an abundance of data products that are too rigid, point solutions that are not addressing the pain points that enterprises face in their data transformation journey – lack of high-quality turn-key platform solutions, data democratization and just in time relevant data / insight delivery.

Enterprises are spending heavily on a range of data products and solutions without getting the ROI they deserve. More often than not, these are products and solutions that make enterprises make the unacceptable choice between data access and data security/privacy.

We saw a need for a data company that humanizes data and its access, breaks data silos and helps companies transform themselves as they take steps towards an AI powered future.

That’s why we founded Rubik.

Data Products for an
AI-Powered World

The Rubik Marvin platform securely ingests, processes, explores and distributes enterprise data. Rubik Marvin serves as a single and unified enterprise data platform that will make sense of your disparate data sets by preparing and presenting them in formats that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives. This allows everyone within your enterprise to deploy data-driven decision making.

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Rubik is looking for...

We are looking for individuals who have a passion for solving data-oriented problems. You will be helping to build and teach our customers about the infrastructure that powers the data platform of the future.

In terms of our customer base, Rubik is off to a great start! We have been cash-flow positive from day one. Rubik offers a considerable mission and an even bigger opportunity: to be the brains behind data-driven and AI-powered enterprises of the future (think Google for data products). We’d love your help.

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